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Automatic Ash Removal

Ash is automatically removed and compressed into a storage container to be emptied by an easy two-to-three-minute process about four times a year in the MESys AutoPellet system.

Automatic Tube Cleaner

MESys AutoPellet boiler tubes are automatically cleaned daily and never require manual cleaning. There is no need to cool down the MESys system prior to cleaning the tubes resulting in less down time.

Burner Ashcrape

There is no need for burner ashscrape because of the bottom fed design of MESys AutoPellet burner. The burner does not need to be cooled for cleaning and it frequently restarts with only the application of air after a low demand period.

Bottom Fed Burner

Bottom fed burners minimize the number of cold starts, eliminate emptying ash from burn chamber for a restart, and result in no by-product build up in the MESys AutoPellet systems. After a period of low demand, the bottom fed design requires only the application of air in order to start.


MESys AutoPellet boilers have an industry leading 30 year warranty. For complete warranty details click here.

Back-up System

MESys AutoPellet boiler systems are stand-alone systems. A back-up system is unnecessary.

Maintenance Frequency

MESys AutoPellet boiler systems require only annual maintenance by service personnel.

100% – 33% Output Modulation

MESys AutoPellet burners modulate power over 17 intervals between 100% and 33% output allowing for high efficiency and low emissions at all levels.

Ethernet Port

An optional ethernet port is available to access the data that the MESys AutoPellet system control unit gathers. Data can be viewed from any internet enabled computer with this option.

Alarm Port

MESys AutoPellet boiler systems come with an alarm port that will trigger dialers or others alerts.

UL, ASME, EN 303-5 Certified

MESys AutoPellet boiler systems are tested to UL standards and are available with ASME stamped or EN 303-5 certified vessels. ASME H stamped vessels can be installed.

ME & VT DEP Hangtag

MESys Energy Box carries a boiler phase II hangtag for Maine and Vermont, which are required by each state.

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