Pellets Fuel Institute

The Pellet Fuels Institute is a non-profit association that serves the pellet industry, which is comprised of pellet mills, pellet appliance manufacturers and industry suppliers. The Institute is active in educating consumers about the convenience and practicality of using wood pellet fuel in both residential and commercial applications.

Vermont Fuel Prices

Published monthly, the Vermont Fuel Price Report is a summary of the Public Service Department’s survey of Vermont fuel suppliers. The report highlights changes in recent and historical prices, comparison of cost of different fuels and a summary of the national supply and price status released by the U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Agency.


ÖkoFEN was founded in 1989. Since the beginning we have worked on the continual research and development of small-scale ecological biomass heating systems, and this mission is reflected in our company name. ‘Öko’ means ‘eco’ or ‘ecological’, and ‘fen’ refers to research and development.

Our primary objective as a company has always been to develop and market innovative heating systems using biomass fuel, for high levels of comfort and warmth in detached and semi-detached family homes. As well as heating systems using briquettes and wood chips, as early as 1994 we started developing fully automatic heating systems using wood pellets as fuel.

Maine Energy Systems

On a mission to convert oil users to a renewable energy.