About Us

Cutting Edge Energy Systems is a collection of master plumbers, electricians a journeyman and apprentice. We sell, install and maintain the OkoFEN boiler (now called the Maine System boiler). Dan Davis holds an engineering management degree (he flew jet planes) and has worked at Pellet mills.

Cutting Edge Energy systems work throughout Vermont and Northern New Hampshire.

Recipients of the 2011 Chairmans AwardAwards

Cutting Edge Energy Systems, received the first ever “2011 Chairman’s Award” from Les Otten. At the diamond dealer two-day seminar.

This award is presented to the company that sells the most boilers, opened up the business in Vermont, and have the best looking dog. (See below the Golden in photo below).

As part of the award they were given a trip visited the OkoFEN headquarters in Lembeck Austria. Where they toured manufacturing facilities (3). These facilities have manufactured over 40,000 furnaces.

OkoFEN Trip